Thursday, 14 November 2013

And Breath................

Ok that is all for now.  
I am sat in the lounge at Dubai Airport on the way home to the loving arms of my family :-)
Once home painting time will be all but non existent, although I may be able to sneak in a game or two.....But.....
I will be back at work in a few weeks and the painting train will be back on the tracks.....I think I will continue of the Fantasy theme as I have really enjoyed it.  In the pipeline are more for the Stygians, The  Demonic Hordes, may be some humans and more Orcs and Goblins of course.
Oh and if I can may be a start on the Barbarians... but we shall see.

Please do feel free to post comments or links on any forums you may think of interest.

Feed back is always appreciated both good and bad although if it's too bad I do have a hefty horde of battle hardened Trolls to send after you.............

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