Thursday, 14 November 2013

5 Weeks Work

Ok, I have had a few complaints about the size of the photos in my last few posts, hands up my my defense I am and techo I have taken real photos and hopefully they will com out  presentable.

So first of all a group shot.  This little lot have ben painted whilst I was working overseas for 6 weeks and represents about 5 weeks work, although I obviously had to do some real work as well.......

Ok so what is crammed into this very busy picture?

24 Trolls-Demonworld
1 Giant Spider-Demonworld
8 Ogres-Demonworld
19 Goblin Boar Riders-Pebdraken
16 Black Orc Boar Riders-Blood Dawn
24 Black Ors Warriors-Blood Dawn
14 Black Orc Bow-Blood Dawn
60 Goblins-Pendraken
22 Goblin Crossbow-Pendraken
24 Orc Crossbow-Demonworld
72 Mine Mutants-Demonworld
48 Acolytes-Demonworld
2 Warg Riders-Eureka
1 Orc Warboss-Demonworld
1 Orc Pump Wagon-Demonworld

A grand total of 2 Specials, 32 large foot, 37 mounted and 258 foot........

Not a bad total I feel

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