Monday, 19 August 2013

Seven Years War 15mm WIP

The beginnings of my Reichsarmee Army for Maurice.  Here are 5 infantry regiments and 2 cavalry regiments.  The army will be a collection of different states that made up this very eclectic army.  It makes for a very colourful force on the battle field.

I have followed my usual painting routine of base coat, pick out the details and the brush on Army Painter Dark Tone, however I did run out and as I am overseas working at the minute they will have to wait until I get home.

As the army is for use with Maurice they are on 30x30mm bases and 4 bases to a regiment.  I will also be able to use them with Black Powder, which is a rule set that i do like.

Here you can see an example of a 'dipped' base against a raw base, I do like the effect, it looks better in the flesh.  For me the Dip offers a quick and simple way to add a bit of depth and tone to the figures.

I aim to have this army finished quite quickly and end up with 6 Reichsarmee infantry regiments a couple of Austrian Grenadiers to add support, 7 cavalry regiments and 5 artillery pieces.

Should be good when  its all done.

ACW 10mm WIP

Continuing progress on my ACW 10mm project.  5 regiments painted and bases.  One of them, front left has also been washed in Army Painter Dark Tone Dip.  I apply this slightly diluted, with a brush the effects are very nice.

So 5 more regiments, including 2 Zouaves regiments, may be not historically correct but they add a little bit of colour.

Below is a comparison shot, not a very good one I'm afraid as it was taken on my IPad.  The base in the front has been washed.  I feel the dip wash makes a lot of difference and is better in real life.

I have painted another 2 units and 2 more to go before I start on 3 units of cavalry both mounted and dismounted.

Then it will be time for the North to rise.....

Monday, 5 August 2013

I'm Back

Sorry for being away for so long, I have been home and am now back at work.  I managed to do no war gaming nor painting whilst at home due to being rehoused in a holiday cottage following a burst boiler which flooded my house! Deep joy.

So all the stuff I painted when I was away last time is still in its wrapping.

But I am back at work and the paint train is back on track.  In just over two weeks I have managed to paint a decent amount of metal.  I am making a push on my Seven Years War Reichsarmee and 10mm ACW. To that end I have done 72 foot, 8 cavalry and 1 limber for the SYW and 72 foot for the ACW Confederates.  I will try and take some WIP pics later.
Thanks for watching.