Monday, 19 August 2013

ACW 10mm WIP

Continuing progress on my ACW 10mm project.  5 regiments painted and bases.  One of them, front left has also been washed in Army Painter Dark Tone Dip.  I apply this slightly diluted, with a brush the effects are very nice.

So 5 more regiments, including 2 Zouaves regiments, may be not historically correct but they add a little bit of colour.

Below is a comparison shot, not a very good one I'm afraid as it was taken on my IPad.  The base in the front has been washed.  I feel the dip wash makes a lot of difference and is better in real life.

I have painted another 2 units and 2 more to go before I start on 3 units of cavalry both mounted and dismounted.

Then it will be time for the North to rise.....

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