Tuesday, 22 October 2013


The last picture from my initial painting surge.
A 4 base unit of 'Mine Mutants', these deformed beings and their ancestors have worked for generations in the chemical mines in the remote parts of Stygia.  This has resulted in twisted bodies and extra limbs!
They fight as a large warband but of dubious quality.
As well as Stygia these poor souls could also be dragged into the Demon Army

More Troops Ready for Battle

More of the finished elements that I have done. 

 Two bases of Acolytes, these could be double hatted and used it at least two of my armies The Demon Army and the Stygian Army.
The figures are Demonworld from their Ishtak range

 More of the awesome Black Orcs, three bases worth of the large imposing figures by Blood Dawn. They are great miniatures and the Black Orc tribes form the shock troops of any good Orc Warlords horde.

 Orc Crossbow, a basic missile unit able to give the Orcs a little stand off capability not that they stand off much.  Could be useful to soften up the defenders of Human and Dwarf field fortifications or disrupt Human and Elf cavalry.
These are Demonworld figures

Monday, 21 October 2013


Next we have two lots of trolls.  Now under the rules I am using each lot of trolls could make two units, 2 bases each or one large unit of 4 bases.  I think under Kings of War the unit would be 2 bases strong.

These are a 'Stone Troll' I think, Demonworld minis and very nice they are to.  Not sure which army they will align with but they will add a slobbering punch to their hosts.

Again Demonworld minis, now these could ally themselves with a human army, may be Barbarians but would be equally at home with the darker elements.....

The leader, centre figure below is a great little scuplt.

Because I am painting very large armies I have lots to do, I go for a simple painting method.  A basic white undercoat them a thinned down main colour followed by the detail, in the case of these two units hair, fur, weapons and teeth!
The whole lot is then washed in Army Painter Dark Tone, based and then sprayed with a matt varnish...........done up to 4 more units for the table!

Fantasy All the Way

A little out of sequence but being back at work and getting into the painting mode once more.  Whilst home I decided to dig into my lead mountain of fantasy figures, I have a mountain or two.....

To that end the plastic boxes full of bare I brought to my remote work place are exclusively for my fantasy collection.

The previous post started it off and the next few posts will continue to show the progression.

For those who have read my earlier fantasy posts you know I like to use Hail Caesar Fantasy, which is a free variant of the very good ancient rules.  However some guys at the club want to try Kings of War in 15mm using big armies.  I think this will work as there is no individual figure removal.  the other option  could be Imputus Fantasy, which would work equally as well.

Enjoy the pictures...........................

Fantasy All The Way

Ok, I am back at work for 6 weeks and back in the painting mode.  The first two weeks have been quite productive.  The difference this time is that I have brought all the gear with me to finish off the painted units. 

First up is a Demonworld Giant Spider and I mean Giant....I love these beasts and my Orc and Goblin army now have 4!  The frontage of the base is 160mm so double the normal unit frontage I use for my fantasy armies.

Below are a stage by stage photo record of the paint job. 

 Undercoat, army painter white

 Block painting begins

 The completed paint job.

 A rear view.

 The finished piece. 
Based, flocked, washed with Army Painter Dark Tone and the sprayed with matt varnish.