Tuesday, 22 October 2013

More Troops Ready for Battle

More of the finished elements that I have done. 

 Two bases of Acolytes, these could be double hatted and used it at least two of my armies The Demon Army and the Stygian Army.
The figures are Demonworld from their Ishtak range

 More of the awesome Black Orcs, three bases worth of the large imposing figures by Blood Dawn. They are great miniatures and the Black Orc tribes form the shock troops of any good Orc Warlords horde.

 Orc Crossbow, a basic missile unit able to give the Orcs a little stand off capability not that they stand off much.  Could be useful to soften up the defenders of Human and Dwarf field fortifications or disrupt Human and Elf cavalry.
These are Demonworld figures

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