Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Ptolemy GrecoEgyptian Cavalry

A unit of heavy Ptolemy cavalry, Egyptian horse in Greek style, armed with lance.
I do love the Imputvs basing system, good looking units without tons of figures!

As always Xyston miniatures.

10mm 7 Years War

More additions to the Seven Year War project, two Reichsarmee units and two Hanovarian units for the Allied Pragmatic Army.

As with the previous Russians I have manged to find and print up some free flags off the Interweb!

 Two Reichsarmee and Two Hanovarian Units

Hanovarian 11B de le Chevallerie
 Hanoverian Combined Grenadiers.  Hanoverian foot regiments had only a small company of grenadiers each.  So this combined regiment is made up of four separate detachments from regiments 3A Knesdenberg, 6A Hardenberg, 10A Post and 13A Halberstadt.
 Reichsarmee combined grenadiers from Kurmainz and Mainz Krisregiments.

Hesse-Damdstadt Leib Garde Grenadiers

10mm 7 Years War Russians

The latest batch of my 7YW Russian project.
One regiment of Horse Grenadiers and three foot regiments.

 Regiment Shirvanskiy

 Regiment Suzdalskiy

Regiment Neshebugskiy

Horse Grenadiers St Petersburgskiy

15mm Fantasy Barbarians

I had these models laying around so thought I'd finish them off.
These are for my fantasy Barbarian army, in Kings of War terms Large Cavalry.  I just think they are bad ass lol!

Xyston Gauls on plastic toy dinosaurs, I just love them!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Raphia, more new figures painted...

I'm really liking the unit figure size of the Imputvs/To The Strongest bases. I painted 24 skirmish figures, Greek bow and slingers, that is 6 bases.  These troops were mainly used as escorts for the elephants employed by both armies.
Talking of elephants, there are 17 elephants bases used in the battle, that's a lot of Nellies!

As usual these are Xyston miniatures and are just great.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Team Yankee 6mm

Just to reinforce the fact that I can not keep myself on one track here is a trial paint job on some EBay goodness.

I won a couple of lots on Ebay to start my Team Yankee 6mm project, I love the Cold War gone hot scenario and love GHQ miniatures, despite the price of them.

 The loot I won, 30 T80s, 30 BMP2s and support vehicles.

 A 10 tank T80 company, a nice simple paint job, but I think it looks quite effective.

 A base spray of Army Painter Army Green, a light dry brush of a pale green, pick out the tracks and details.

 The cover in a good coat of Army Painter Dark Tone wash, not the thick dip but the squeeze bottle acrylic wash.
Once it is all dry the last stage is a nice dry brush of a pale sand colour to bring out the fantastic detail on these models.

My only frustration with these is the turret HMGs such a pain to cut off the sprue and glue on....but after chatting with others in the TY 6mm community, most don't bother lol

Happy to read comments.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

League of Augsburg Spanish

Well I have finished my Spanish contingent for the League of Augsburg.
As always they are the great Pendraken LoA range.

 The last of the Spanish contingent.

 Tercio De Deynes

 Nuevo Dragoons mounted

 Nuevo Dragoons on foot

 Artillery, I wish I had painted the carriages a dark wood rather than red as I could have used them for more forces.
And the leadership, two general bases.  Could be used by most sides.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Raphia, the armies buildup....

Another unit of pike, this time Ptolemy 'Egyptian' Pike.  From what I have seen and read these were newly raised or 'part time' troops raised to face the Seleucid.

To represent this I have used Greek Psiloi and unarmoured Hoplites, I think this gives them a very 'ununiform' feel.
They are also slightly larger that the normal pike phalanx at 48 figures instead of 32.
The Ptolemy Army has four of these units...alot of figures lol

As usual these figures are all Xyston, as are all my Macedonian/Greek v Persian wars!

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Side Tracked.......

As a follow on to the big re-basing project of the previous post I am away with work (
where I do most of my painting) and I happen to have a few Macedonian/Greeks/Persians by Xyston.  So I decided to paint up another pike phalanx.

The unit is 32 figures painted to represent a 'Silver Shields' elite phalanx.  Also I have a changed my painting style for my Macedonians by using my, now standard, block paint and Army Painter Dark Tone dip, applied with a brush of course.

These figures will be based on the new To The Strongest bases of my previous post.

I blame this diversion on Simon Miller of To The Strongest fame and his fantastic blog full of painted minis at his Big Red Bat blog,


Please do check his blog out!