Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Team Yankee 6mm

Just to reinforce the fact that I can not keep myself on one track here is a trial paint job on some EBay goodness.

I won a couple of lots on Ebay to start my Team Yankee 6mm project, I love the Cold War gone hot scenario and love GHQ miniatures, despite the price of them.

 The loot I won, 30 T80s, 30 BMP2s and support vehicles.

 A 10 tank T80 company, a nice simple paint job, but I think it looks quite effective.

 A base spray of Army Painter Army Green, a light dry brush of a pale green, pick out the tracks and details.

 The cover in a good coat of Army Painter Dark Tone wash, not the thick dip but the squeeze bottle acrylic wash.
Once it is all dry the last stage is a nice dry brush of a pale sand colour to bring out the fantastic detail on these models.

My only frustration with these is the turret HMGs such a pain to cut off the sprue and glue on....but after chatting with others in the TY 6mm community, most don't bother lol

Happy to read comments.

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