Sunday, 17 March 2013

Last Day

Ok so this is my last full day working away for this rotation, so the painting table will be cleared and the paints packed up.
However this morning I did finish off the 8 Black Orc Giant Boar riders, Blood Moon figure, big, chunky and imposing!
Also another unit of Confederate 10mm infantry, that's 6 now, all done and washed in Army painter.
So once I get home it will be a basing fest!  All the stuff done here needs basing so that will be me with MDF, sand and flock!

I will post pictures of the finished results.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Painting Update

Ok no poor quality pictures, I will save you from that.  But that does not mean I have been lazy....if you check my painting totals you will see that they are steadily increasing, sometimes by the day!

I have painted another 10mm Confederate infantry regiment, that's 24 figures.  I love how easily and well theses figures paint up and I can not wait to base them up and finish them off once I am home.  i also added 2 artillery pieces, crews and limbers for good old southern boys!

The last of the Napoleonic commission was completed, I think, in the shape of yet another French infantry unit.  However this time I have changed it up slightly and painted them as 3rd Swiss Regiment, so red tunics with black facings.

The next commission pieces were 8 'arab' light horse, they were a mix of Essex and old Mikes Models miniatures.  Again great to paint and I was surprised how well the Mikes Models took the paint and Army Painter 'dip', looked nice (photos to come).

Mikes Models are slightly smaller than the Essex figures and they appear 'dumpy' but they have an appeal all of their own.

Next up on my painting table was my Corvus Bellie Spanish Cavalry for my Carthaginian army.  I knocked out 2 units of these, a light horse one of 8 figures and a medium cavalry unit of 12 figures.  So that gives me 3 medium cavalry units and 1 light horse unit.

I will be going home next week, so the volume of painting will decrease but I have a heap of basing to do........and I promise pictures once completed.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Black Orcs.....15mm Fantasy

Ok, for the first time in ages my real love 15mm FANTASY!!!!

These are a few bases of 'Black Orcs' , they are big, bad and nasty melee troops.
The miniatures are from the Blood Dawn range, sold by Magister Militar.
The casting are very sharp with a good level of details.  They are 15-20mm in size, hence the Black Orc tag I will be giving them.

They will be based on 40x40mm bases, this is just for the 'look' rather than a rules set designation.  
The they will be used for fighting mass battles using Hail Sauron, Hail Caesar fantasy version or Kings of War, which a couple of guys at PAW are interested in playing in 15mm

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I am away from home working and using my IPhone, need to start packing a camera!
More pics once they are based and had a matt spray coat on, 'less shiny'!!

ACW, more Confederates

Three more units for my fledgling 10mm ACW armies.
Same a s before a work in progress but happy with the paint jobs....

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Napoleonic British

These are Al's British, below are the first two units I have painted hussars and infantry, obviously a work in progress....
The cavalry are Old Glory and the infantry are AB (I think)

Al is using these for FOG Napoleonic rules, so 12 figure cavalry units and 24 figures infantry...

more to come.....