Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Black Orcs.....15mm Fantasy

Ok, for the first time in ages my real love 15mm FANTASY!!!!

These are a few bases of 'Black Orcs' , they are big, bad and nasty melee troops.
The miniatures are from the Blood Dawn range, sold by Magister Militar.
The casting are very sharp with a good level of details.  They are 15-20mm in size, hence the Black Orc tag I will be giving them.

They will be based on 40x40mm bases, this is just for the 'look' rather than a rules set designation.  
The they will be used for fighting mass battles using Hail Sauron, Hail Caesar fantasy version or Kings of War, which a couple of guys at PAW are interested in playing in 15mm

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I am away from home working and using my IPhone, need to start packing a camera!
More pics once they are based and had a matt spray coat on, 'less shiny'!!

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