Thursday, 6 December 2018

15mm Punic Wars Project

A clutch of figures painted for this project.
A unit of Gallic heavy warband and two units of naked fanatics, Gestati(or something like that).  Also a couple of mounted leaders and a cavalry unit.

There is also a mounted skirmish unit of Tarantine horse, a universal mercenary force who will fight for anyone of the right money....

Gallic Nobels, ready to lead the wildmen to battle

Gallic cavalry, a very useful unit who can fight on both sides or among themselves

Naked fanatics....

 Heavy Warband

Tarantine, mercenary light horse.....

Sorry about the bad pictures they were taken on an IPad in poor lighting.  Better ones will follow once they have been based.

10mm Seven Years War Russian

Just a very quick update, only one unit of Russian Cuirassiers, Prince Fedorovich.
Again the standard Russian Cuirassier uniform.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

10mm Seven Years War

I have not painted 10mm Seven Years War for ages but a few packs fell in to my hands out of my 'lucky dip box' (I bag my figures for my ongoing projects into units and put them all into a big plastic tub and blind pic what to paint).  It just so happens that I got three bags in a row this time around.

The whole batch.  In front are 5 Russian Generals.

The Novotroiskiy Cuirassier, now all Russian cuirassiers in this period look the same.  Buff coats, red saddle cloths and black cuirass.  
The only thing that marks the regiments apart are the colours of their standards, this regiments colour is green.

The 2nd and 3rd Battalions of the Observation Corps Grenadiers.  the Observation Corps wore standard infantry uniform except for their boots, they had been issued with black dragoon boots, the dragoons where being reorganised at the start of the war.

All figures are from Pendraken, my only (very small) moan, more of a exhale is the cast on flags and this is only because I am not a very good, in fact I'm rubbish, at freehand painting lol

15mm Punic War Project

Italian allies and Gallic chariots.  Etruscan citizen hoplites, these can be used as allies for both the Punic state and Rome itself.
The Gallic chariots, not really used in the Punic Wars but very useful for Gallic tribes against Rome or Carthage or indeed against each other.

Above and below the Etruscan citizen hoplites.  These form heavy foot units.
The figures are War and Empire and the shield decal are Little Big Man

Gallic chariots, I do like these and quite quick to paint.  I'm not sure of the make of these but I think they are a mix of War and Empire and Corvus Belli

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

15mm Punic War Project

Found time to add to own collections.  This time the ever expanding 2nd Punic War project.

The first two pictures are off Punic Citizen cavalry and two figures for a command stand.  These are Corvus Belli figures as is the majority of my Punic citizen force.

24 Gallic warriors, these will form two 'heavy' warbands 'Soldari'  The figures are from War and Empire

 Gallic chariots, not really 2nd Punic Wars but very useful for fighting Romans anyway.
One chariot is Corvus Belli the other War and Empire

15mm Bolt Action British Commission

The last few pieces of Al's British army Bolt Action commission.

 So three mortar teams, two PIAT teams and a couple of left over infantry.

Next up on the Commission front from Al are about 140 WW2 US Paratroopers, again Battlefront miniatures for Bolt Action 

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

15mm Bolt Action Commission- The Americans

This was the bulk of the Bolt Action commission I took on whilst home.  A horde of infantry, a few crewed support weapons and some vehicles.

All are Peter Pig casting, which where are very nice, very little flash.  the vehicles fit together well.

I did enjoy painting this little project.

The vehicles, a Stuart, an M8 and a Jeep

Support weapons and anti tank gun

The infantry, all individually based on metal washers