Friday, 12 October 2018

WW2 Commission-British Infantry and Paras

Not all of the British given too me were paratroopers, most of these are regular infantry, so no Denision Smock for them....

So 8 paratroopers, lots of brenguns and an officer.

A selection of 'Tommys' regular British infantry

All are battlefront miniatures but bases as singles for Bolt Action games, or what ever else Al wants to use the for.

Punic Wars Project-Tarantine Horse

A base of Tarantine light horse, these mercenaries can be used by both sides and were quite effective.

They are War and Empire figures, check the,m out a great range.

Marian Roman Commission

Commanders for the Roman Legions.....

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Punic Wars Project-Gauls

More Gallic skirmishers this time with bow.  I will have far too many skirmishers but they may come in useful in an inter Gallic tribal war.....or as allies for the  evil 'want a be' empire, the Romans.

These guys are for two bases of warband, these would be the 'medium foot' style of warband.  The figures are from the now, sadly OOP, Corvus Belli range

WW2 British Commission

Another batch of British Battlefront figure for my friend Al, a mix of Paratroopers and regular infantry.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Punic Wars Project-Gauls

Gallic skirmishers/javelinmen.  Under the Imputvs basing scheme these will make four four man units.

The figures are the very nice War and Empire, there are lots more Gauls to come.  The aim is to have a very large Gallic collection, not that I like big figure collections lol, to be able to do Gallic Tribal wars and add allies to the Romans.

Marian Roman Commission

A unit of Legionaries for the Marian Roman commission I am doing for Del at PAW.