Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Raphia Project Progress

So far in February I have been painting more for my Raphia project.
Whilst at home I bought some Seleucid elephants, 6 to be precise and I must admit they are lovely!

So here are the pictures.......

 First up four elephants, two for Ptolomy and two for Antiochus.  The Seleucid elephants, well all the elephants are lovely!  And I have finally got the hang of putting the hadows together, well just about!

 Above and below are the Ptolomy elephants.  I am putting two elephant models on a 80mm x 60mm base and they do look good!

 Seleucid elephants, nicely armoured and with a dedicated crew, I really do like them!

 The penultimate unit of heavy cavalry lance for the Seleucids.

 Plain and simple, Arab bow....

 A second unit of Basilikon Agemata pike.  These are the 'foot guards' of the Ptolomy army.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

New Project for 2019..

Ok I know 2019 is a long way off but West Wind Productions, War and Empire have recently released their third Kickstarter, Dark Ages.  The miniatures are fantastic.  I supported their first two kickstarters and bought Punic Wars Roman and Sassanid Persians and they did not disappoint!  So when the third one announced I signed up.......

The kickstarter was funded in hours and I missed out on the "Early Bird" special but that did not put me off. So i signed up for the Emperor bid and have already worked out my order, yes keen I know.

So I have opted for three armies Norman, Anglo-Saxon and Viking plus an Anglo-Saxon village of 5 buildings.....this little project amounts to 80 horse, 800 foot and the village all for the princely sum of $264 (it is Pounds Sterling not Dollars but I'm using my work laptop which is from the US lol) 

Check out their Kickstarter and their range of figures, you will not be disappointed.


Sunday, 11 February 2018

Battle of Raphia, the collection so far

Whilst I was at home in January I based up some of the painted figures on to the wonderful 'Big Red Bat' bases.  They bases have holes to place small magnets in, its a great system!
I also did some calculations and so far I have painted 858 foot, 157 mounted and 2 elephants.
Still to paint 384 foot, 42 mounted and 32 elephants........so just over two thirds of the way there and enough ready to have a good game already!
The final total will be 1,242 foot, 199 mounted and 34 elephants!

Anyway here are the group photos........in Really Useful Boxes which are really useful!

 So above are three units of Egyptian Pike, each 48 strong.  There is still one more to do.

A close up of an Egyptian pike block.

Ptolomaic cavalry and elephants

 Ptolomaic foot, pike, heavy foot, thureophoroi, medium foot and skirmishers

Seleucid foot, pike, thureophoroi, thorakites, medium and skirmish

 A close up of the Seleucid foot

Seleucid cavalry and generals

This box contains painted figures that need to be rebased, I hate basing and rebasing almost makes me cry but the new basing system is much, much better!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

End of Rotation Rapha Batch

Here are are last few units for the Raphia project.  Now some of these still look a little shiney this is because I run out of Army Painter Dull Coat and had to use some Windsor and Newton Matt varnish, which obviously is not that matt! lol
Once I have based these guys I will respray them with AP matt varnish.

Hopefully my next posts will show some of the troops based up.

Seleucid Arab Bow, one and a half bases here., so now I have three bases painted up and one more to do.

These are Xyston Maccabean Jew figures

Ptolomy Guard Agema, known as Basilikon.  There are three units of these and I have used Macedonian Hypaspists figures. 

The 'casualty' figure is a broken model that I need to make up the numbers.

Selecuid Pike Phalanx, a mixture of armoured and unarmoured figures.

Tarentine Light Horse with shields, not sure how accurate but I do like the way they look!

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Battle of Raphia....The First Batch for 2018

The first batch of painted figures of 2018, the year I will finish this project, honest lol

The first Seleucid phalanx of the year.
 The figures I have used for this phalanx are from the eastern edge of the empire and most are wearing trousers and have long sleeves.  There was no real reason for this other than those were the figures I bought lol  But I do like them.

Seleucid Hetairoi, heavy horse lance.  There are quite a few of these.

A second Ptolomy Elephant which means I can make up an elephant base to see how they will look two too a base.  I'm guessing awesome lol

I have ordered more bases from the Big Red Bat shop,

So I will basing up a large painted mountain when I am home later this month.  I will post pictures.

Monday, 1 January 2018

2017 to 2018

So as we have said good bye to 2017 I look back on what I have painted and well, it has been an massive pile of metal that I have turned into painted miniatures over a wide variety of sizes and periods.

Towards the end of the year I have focused on one project, very unusual for me, the Battle of Raphia OOB.  Now I am collecting both sides and using just Xyston figures.  I have done the vast majority of these figures, minus 33 elephants and a couple of hundred pikemen, however I am adamant that I will finish this before I move onto the next one.  

Obviously that does not stop me looking, planning and buying the figures I need for the next one. Possibly some historical OOBs from the Seven Year War to add to 10mm collection and encourage me to complete them.

But I am sure something else shinny will catch my eye....

To all my fellow gamers may you have a very happy, productive and healthy 2018 and may the dice always roll to your advantage.

Raphia Update.....Again

Although it is being posted on 01 Jan 18 these figures were finished in Dec 17, so my last post for 2017 really.
And these are the last 'heavy horse' lance of the Ptolomy army, but I still have one unit of Tarantine light horse to do to complete the mounted side of the Ptolomy army list.