Saturday, 16 June 2018

Raphia, So Close!

Well these are the last of the line troops....two large pike phalanxes, Ptolemy guards pike and Seleucid Thorakites.

These are the Ptolemy elite pikes, the Basilikon.  They form, normal size pike units and not large phalanxes but there are three of them so I could put them together.

The last of the Ptolemy pike phalanxes, they have five of these unit..they will form a very solid wall in the battle line.

And the last of the Seleucid phalanxes, now there were a lot of these, nine infact, which is 288 figures for these alone.

Lastly the Greek mercenary thorakites, yes I know they should be armoured by Xyston do not do a mail wearing thorakite figure.  These are Hellenistic Thracians and do a wonderful job!

So that is it, the rank and file have been completed.  
There are commanders left to finish, they have been painted but need Army Painter Dark Tone and Matt Varnish to finish them off.

Also I have my final three elephants on the painting table, once these are done that will be all of my available miniatures for the Raphia project painted.I still need to buy 5 elephants for Ptolemy and 14 for Seleucid.

So the painting total, so far is 1234 foot, 148 mounted and 9 elephants.
Now all I have to do is base them and make the bases look nice, oh and I hate basing lol .  And there are only 156 bases to do!!!!!

Obviously as I complete the basing I will add more photos.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Raphia Light and Medium Troops

Light and medium foot troops made up a good deal of the armies who fought the battle and they came from a diverse list of peoples.

Persian Bow, these acted as skirmishers for their respective armies.

Thracian Javelinmen, a fierce tribal people who were subjugated by Alexander and fought either as subjects or mercenaries.

These are depicted as the tribal troop type as apposed to the later Hellenistic Thracians who had a more Greek appearance.   

These troops represent Thorakitai mercenaries.  These troops should be dressed in mail, however Xyston Miniatures do not make a suitable figure yet.  I look forward to when they do and will replace these Thracians with them.

The miniatures themselves are later Hellenistic Thracian spear.

Raphia, so close!

I am back at work and back on the painting production line.  I have been quite productive finishing off units started last rotation and adding more.

Firstly two Seleucid pike phalanxes.  One regular and one the eastern satraps provided levy troops, know as' Pantodpoi'

The Pantpdpoi, Persian Phalanx provided by the eastern satraps to the Selceuid army.  The eastern troops are seen as wearing trousers, a barbarian custom to the Hellenic peoples.


A regular pike phalanx, half armored half unarmored just for a little veriety. 

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Raphia, the Latest

My work rotation and therefore my painting time is coming to an end for now, this is the final batch....

The final bases for the Seleucid Arabs, two javelin armed light foot units and one bow armed skirmish units.

Also something I should have done from the beginning, casualty or disorder markers.  These are just cut down figures based on foreign coins I had laying around.

The last unit of Egyptian Pike, these are the levied peasants of the Ptolomy kingdom.

This is unit number four, each unit has 48 figures so just 192 figures in these 'throw away' units.

All four units, side by side will make a great 'speed bump' for better quality opponents.

And these are the better quality opponents, the third and last 'Silver Shields' of the Seleucid elite pikemen.

So what is left.....
Ptolomy....5 Elephants and 1 Pike Phalanx
Seleucid....14 Elephants, 3 Pike Phalanx and 1 Unit of Thoraikai
And some Generals for each side.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Four elephants and another Seleucid phalanx of 32 pikemen.
That brings the elephant herd up to 13, so only 21 to go!  The pike phalanx makes 6 out of 9.

I have all the bare lead I need to finish the project except 18 elephants, mainly Seleucid.

The pikemen are a WIP, I need to add shields, I forgot to order the LBM shield transfers.  I will finish these on my next work rotation.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Raphia-Ptolomy Commanders and Seleucid Hetairoi Cavalry

Still on the Raphia theme but the end is in sight, although still aways off!

 Ptolemaic Commanders.  These being even more non uniform do take a little longer but I need leaders to urge my troops into combat.

Seleucid Hetairoi cavalry.
For these I have used the Xyston Seleucid companions which have a more eastern feel to them, hence the coloured trousers and tunics.

Monday, 5 March 2018

More Raphia

The last figures for this work rotation.  
Ptolomy himself and a phalanx of Seleucid Silver Shields

 I thought I would give Ptolomy a silver helm and add two companions for him

 The Silver Shields were the veterans of the Seleucid army so I have used a mainly eastern style phalangite for them in this taxia