Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Reichesarmee Infnatry

I love the Reichesarmee, they have a varied selection of uniforms and look great on the table....well painting table so far! lol
Even though everyone tells me they are really bad at winning

 Wurzburg Rot, apparently this was one of the better regiments in the rosta.

Regiment Pfalz Zweibruken from the Upper Rhine District.

Austrian Infantry....

Three foot regiments.  The mix of Austrian units Hungarian, German and Grenze...

 HIR31 Haller.  A Hungarian infantry regiment with nice blue trousers!

IR28 'German' Regiment Wied

Grenze Regiment Kalstadter-Szluiner

Seven Years War Austrian and Reichesarmee

Part one of three of my latest additions to my Seven Years war collection.

 Three Kuraissier Regiments, one Austrian two Reichesarmee.

 Austrian Regiment KR18 Alt-Modena

 Kuraissier Regiment Bayreuth

 Kuraissier Regiment Kurpfalz/Prinz Friedrick

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

7 Year War Update

Two new regiments for my Austrian/Imperial Army.....there are a lot more to come!

The first regiment is Dragoon Regiment 19 Hesse-Darmstadt

Reichesarmee Dragoon Regiment Saschen Gotha, I do like the Imperial Army although some people think they die easily....wait and see lol

More to follow soon!

Monday, 12 September 2016

More Stygians.....

The last few units for my Stygian Empire army for this stint away with work.  The army is coming along strongly, obviously I need to base them, once I have I will post more pictures.

First up mounted lancers, an elite unit in the Stygian army that will back up the guard lancers.

 A line cavalry unit armed with spear and bow.  This type will make up the bulk of the Stygian mounted arm.

lastly a foot unit.  A standard line unit armed with spear....

They are all Xyston Persians, love that range and yes I do have an historical Persian army.  Painted in my usual style, block paint, pick out details and then Army Painter Dark Tone and dullcoted once dry....basing to come.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Stygian Foot Troops

A WIP picture of a Stygian Foot unit, part of the Stygian Imperial Hordes that gather when the call for war goes out....

Once again Xyston's Persian range

Stygian Horse Archers

Stygia likes it's cavalry and the mounted bow are the best in the fantasy realm, only Centaurs can best them for mounted archery skill.

The figures are from Xyston's Late Achamenid  Persian range