Sunday, 21 August 2016

I Do Play Wargames (Occassionaly)

Whilst home on my last rotation from work, I did manage to get a wargame in, it doesn't happen very often!!

4 of us played a League of Augsburg, French verses Alliance(The first outing for my collection).  We used Warlord's Pike and Shotte and found it gave a really good and reasonable fast game.  We did have about 12 foot regiments and 10 cavalry regiment per side so it was a large battle (just over 1000 figures).

More pictures to follow.....

Friday, 19 August 2016

15mm Fantasy Barbarian Beast of War

Painted my first Barbarian Beast of War, I have another 3 models.
The Beast is Demonworld and the crew are Xyston Gallic.  I had a pile of Xyston Gallic figures, which are great by the way!  I have chosen to use these as my Barbarians and think the fit the bill quite well!

Obviously this is just the basic block painting, with a little dry brushing highlights.  The next stage will be a good coating of Army Painter Dark Tone, brushed on of course....more pictures later.


Tuesday, 19 July 2016

15mm Fantasy

Additions to my 15mm Fantasy collection, these are figures that have sat on the shelf for a few years and I have finally decided to bring them in form the cold.  
Xyston Gallic Gestati, naked what better than these to represent my Barbarian fanatics/beserkers!!

Now if I play Kings of War with these guys they could be like this, 2 bases to a 'regiment' or I could use them 4 bases to a 'horde'....I could even use the lot as one big 'legion' now that option could be fun!  Just imagine all 8 bases in the centre of the Barbarian line just waiting to crash into the enemy's prize troops!!!

As you can see, naked, dirty and covered in blue 'woade' to ward off the enemy's blades!  Just fine fanatics!

Below is a repost of how I'm going to represent 'Large Cavalry'...there will be 3 of these brutes on a base representing a regiment...I think they will be suitably intimidating!  Well I plan on 4 regiments! lol

10mm Seven Years War

Just two units to show this time, both representing the Reichsarmee.  When I mentioned that I was painting these troops on the Seven Years War Wargaming Facebook page, people laughed as they die really easily in almost every set of rules....but I just like them! lol

Combined Grenadiers of Infantry Regiments Kumainz(Green) and Kurkoln(Red)

Swabian Infantry Regiment I have taken license here as I found two different descriptions of their headdress, and as I ave figures in Prussian Mitre hats I went for that inturpritation!

10mm Seven Years War

My latest project, yes I know I have still not finished so many others, what can I say I'm easily distracted.....
But Seven Years War...starting with the Austrians, why?  Because I bough a couple of job lots cheap and I thought why not!
For inspiration and uniform guides I have followed a couple of great blogs and a very good wiki page..
Both web pages are very good fonts of knowledge!

The progress so far, 5 cavalry regiments, 5 infantry battalions, 4 combined grenadier battalion, 1 grenze battalion and 3 6pdr guns and limbers...there are 2 units of Reichsarmee also.

Kurassier Regiment Anhalt-Zerbst (KR25)

Dragoon Regiment Jung-Modena (DR13)

Dragoon Regiment Kolowrat-Krakowski (DR37)

Hungarian Hussar Regiment Hadik (HR12)

Hussar Regiment Baranyal (HR30)

 Combined Grenadiers from Infantry Regiment de Ligne(Pink) and Sprecher(Red)

Combined Grenadiers from Infantry Regiments Hessen-Cassel(Blue) and Marschal(Red)

Hungarian Combined Grenadiers from Infantry Regiments Joseph Esterhazy(Red) and Bethlan(Brown)

Infantry Regiment Marschal (IR18)

Infantry Regiment de Ligne(IR38)

Infantry Regiment Hessen-Cassel(IR27)

Hungarian Infantry Regiment Joseph Esterhazy(HIR37)

Grenze Regiment No.1 Banal

Finally 3 6pdr guns and limbers

All the figures are from Pendraken and I can not recommend the miniatures nor the service highly enough!

There is much more to come as this is about 1/3rd of the lead mountain I have!

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Kings of War Varangur Warband

Firstly sorry about the poor quality of the photos, I will get better ones once the figures have been based.
Anyway here are another 25 Varangur warriors that will make up about 3 regiments of Warband or may be a horde and a regiment.
I know that there should be more figures on the base but the size of the old GW warriors mean that 8/9 figures fill it up very nicely.

So more to come....

KoW Abyssal Forces

My slow progress has crawled another step forward.  I have utilized the new bases bases and made a few regiments for my Abyssal Army.

As you can see the figures are GW bought of EBay.  They were all painted to a reasonable level, although some peoples description of their painting levels can be delusional lol!  I had to touch up or finish off minor bits on the figures but I was happy with them.  Once painted I gave them a good wash of Army Painter Dark Tone, as you can guess I do really like this stuff and am very happy with the results.

When the basing was complete they were given a nice spray coat of Army Painter Anti Shine Matt Varnish.

I'm quite happy with the results.