Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Wargames Butterfly!!

My names Bunny and I'm addicted to wargaming models lol!  And yes a self confessed wargames butterfly!

I've been eyeing these tiny 3mm miniatures for some time and finally took the plunge when I saw them at Salute this year!

They are made by Oddzial Osmy from Poland and sold in the UK by Fighting 15s and Magister Militum.

 So here they are, the tiny little pieces of metal.

 Soviet T64s, considering the size they minis are great!


 Base coated Army Painter Desert Yellow....

 Ok missed a section out, the dry brushing of a 'skull' buff colour.  But here is the model with a coat of Army Painter Dark Tone dip....

 So jumping a head......23 finished minis....a T64 tank company based in platoons and a BMP2 company alongside, HQ vehilces are individually based.  The 2 BMP2s are a Recce section.

 The BMP2 company....I'm really liking these minis and they are so easy to paint!

 T64 Company

 BMP2 Recce Section

And just to show how small these tanks really are, the figure is a 15mm.  They have such detail fofr such small figures.....

These companies will form part of my Middle East 'Imagi-nations' armies....I'm going to do a Republican Guard armoured brigade, with air mobile and air support.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

15mm Fantasy Barbarians

Barbarians, riders of BIG Warbeasts and 'dino' beasts!

 I am sure these will be a fearsome sight for those on the opposite side of the battlefield!
 'Large Cavalry', these are dino riders, two warriors on each beast.   These are on large bases and will make great impact troops.
These figures are Schleich plastic dinosaurs and Xyston Gaul figures.

 Two Demonworld warbeasts....great miniatures and lovely to paint!

10mm Seven Year Wars

The final bits of my Austrians, the Senior Officers.

 The Mounted Army command for the Austrians

 Lovely little sculpts from Pendraken.

The real beginning of my Russians.  I started with 3 Hussar Regiments, they certainly are a colourful bunch!
 The Bolgarskiy Hussars, all yellow.

 Serbskiy Hussars, all blue.

 Gruzinskiy Hussars, a nice yellow and red combination.


 Lifeguard and Prince Fedoronvitch Cuirassiers.

 All Russian Cuirassier regiments wore identical uniforms, but they do look good in their buff coats.
 Russian line infantry in their summer uniforms, red coats and white gaiters.  Only the drummer is in full, green uniform.
Line Grenadiers, the same as musketeers but with mitre hats.

There are lots more Russians to come!