Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Side Tracked.......

As a follow on to the big re-basing project of the previous post I am away with work (
where I do most of my painting) and I happen to have a few Macedonian/Greeks/Persians by Xyston.  So I decided to paint up another pike phalanx.

The unit is 32 figures painted to represent a 'Silver Shields' elite phalanx.  Also I have a changed my painting style for my Macedonians by using my, now standard, block paint and Army Painter Dark Tone dip, applied with a brush of course.

These figures will be based on the new To The Strongest bases of my previous post.

I blame this diversion on Simon Miller of To The Strongest fame and his fantastic blog full of painted minis at his Big Red Bat blog,!

Please do check his blog out!

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