Tuesday, 15 August 2017


So in the aim of getting away from DBM/FOG restrictions I have started to rebase my Greek/Macedonian and Persians.  
I have decided to use some very funky bases produced by Simon Miller, To The Strongest writer and owner of 'http://bigredbat.blogspot.co.uk/', a great blog by the way!

The bases have a great uneven edge and predrilled holes for tiny earth magnets.  The pieces do fit together of you do the basing correctly.

They are slightly bigger at just under 10cm frontage for the standard base but with the rules i intend to use, Hail Caesar, Imputvs, To The Strongest, Sword and Spear even L'Art de la Guerre

 How they looked..just one of two boxes of figures that will be rebased...

 FOG A basing, the old way for the Thracians lol

 New look Thracians

 These are Thracian Light/Medium foot for Imputvs/Hail Caesar.  Each base base between 6 and 8 figures.

 Light/Medium both Thracian and Greek Thyreophori.  This basing scheme has at least doubled the number of table top elements that I have.

 To give the Thyreophori a Medium/Light feel I am placing 8 figures to a base.  For the true lights, Peltasts I will used 6 to a base.

 A trial light horse base, these are 4 to a base and the base is about 6cm deep.

 Those lights described as 'skirmishers' are based on a shallower depth with 4 figures per base.

 The heavies, loads of Hoplites and a Pezhetairos unit.  Now with these I have doubled the number of Hoplite units however the pikes uses the same number of figures.

 The pike unit footprint is 10cm x 10cm, it's big!  But once the basing has been done it should look quite nice.

 Spartan Hoplite, the first of 7 in total.  There are more to paint.

Genetic Greek Hoplites and there are lots more to come, even some Thebans!

So it's a start, I hope to finish more off when I'm back home.  For now it's off to work and lots of painting!!!


  1. A lot of work, but they look superb, wonderful and effective!

  2. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the complements.

    It is a lot of work but it is surprising quick. Due to the larger bases I do not need to clear off all the previous basing.

    So with the careful application of a sharp, new Stanley knife I can remove old basing, reduce the footprint with clipper sand then glue on!

    When I get back home I will continue the project. But why at work the painting table is being well used lol