Monday, 21 October 2013


Next we have two lots of trolls.  Now under the rules I am using each lot of trolls could make two units, 2 bases each or one large unit of 4 bases.  I think under Kings of War the unit would be 2 bases strong.

These are a 'Stone Troll' I think, Demonworld minis and very nice they are to.  Not sure which army they will align with but they will add a slobbering punch to their hosts.

Again Demonworld minis, now these could ally themselves with a human army, may be Barbarians but would be equally at home with the darker elements.....

The leader, centre figure below is a great little scuplt.

Because I am painting very large armies I have lots to do, I go for a simple painting method.  A basic white undercoat them a thinned down main colour followed by the detail, in the case of these two units hair, fur, weapons and teeth!
The whole lot is then washed in Army Painter Dark Tone, based and then sprayed with a matt varnish...........done up to 4 more units for the table!

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