Thursday, 14 November 2013

Spiders, Pump Wagons and a Boss

Ok so the pictorial brake down.....

Firstly the Giant Spider, I love this Demonworld model, in fact I love it so much I have 4.  This one has been made so it can be used as a Warboss.

 The frontage of these colossal creatures is twice that of a normal unit, so that is 160mm long and 80mm deep.
 They are however very tough as well as surprisingly agile, despite it's size and undoubted power it treats woods and rough ground as normal going enabling a nasty surprise from otherwise quite secure sectors of the battlefield.

Orc Pump Wagon
A Demonworld model, I do love their stuff!
A dastardly construct from the mind of the Orc metal smiths and shaman fire makers. 
 It is a mobile piece of field artillery with the added bonus of ignoring defenses such as walls, hedges and field fortifications.
 The trumpet like barrel spews forth a sticky, flammable substance similar to Greek Fire.
It is a weapon that will cause terror in even the hardiest of knights!

Orc Warboss
More Demonworld
One of the many fierce Orc Bosses


  1. that spider is the old Citadel one isn't it?

  2. Hi Michael, the Spider is Demonworld Goblin range, I have 4 of them and they are great!