Thursday, 14 November 2013

Acolytes and Warg Boss!

2 units of Acolytes...these fanatics pledge themselves to spreading to word of the Stygian Gods to all unbelievers....They carry their Green Book (Yes I was in Libya!) into battle with the belief that their devout following of the faith with preserve them in battle!

They could even double up as human followers of one of the Chaos Gods to bulk up may Chaos armies. 

A Warg Warboss and his personal standard for my Eureka Warg Riders, a very nice range.
The 'Man Orcs' are very LOTR film looking and are great....check my other posts out for them.


  1. Nice stuff! You have been busy. Where are the acolytes from?

  2. Hi Hugh and thanks, the Acolytes are Demonworld from the Ishtak range I think