Thursday, 14 November 2013

Black Orcs

The real 'Stormtroopers' of any Orc and Goblin Horde these Black Orcs are big, well armed and just a little pissed with anything that is not Orc, even some poor goblins have ended up on the wrong end of a Black Orc BBQ skewer.........

The first out of the stock-hold  is a unit of Black Orc boar riders, big beasts on big beasts, ideal for smashing headlong into an enemy front line.

Now we give the big beasts on big beasts big, pointy sticks.  Surely these would cause havoc to any mounted foe that happen to be unfortunate enough to be on the sharp end!

'Arras' not really a Block Orc weapon a choice but it's good to have options or so the Warboss thought.

Lastly 3 bases of brutes that actually get to grips with their dinner, i mean enemy.
 An excellent choice for any raving mad Warboss when it comes to sheer force of arms.

These are Blood Dawn figures and are lovely, yes very big for 15mm but it's fantasy and in this case size does matter!  
I am now growing a healthy tribe of Black Orcs and can't wait to let the off the leash soon!

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