Thursday, 14 November 2013

Big 'Uns!!!!!!

Ok the last batch of this posting marathon..........

 Not sure who these represent on the field of battle but I was thinking due to their look may be a human ally or the devil worshiping Stygians?
 Who ever they fight for you are going to wish you were on their side!

Trolls.....not really a lot to say about these bad boys apart from they are Trolls and do Troll stuff........
 But unlike the trolls of Hobbit fame they do not turn to stone when hit by the first rays of the sun...
 Again these guys to fight for various armies and will add a little extra to their battleline.

Different but the same Trolls.....but these ones suffer from 'Gingervitus' so may be these will be seen in the company of the Barbarians who will surely have a strawberry blonde mane?
 If you cheek their teeth out they all need to visit the dentist.....

All these guys are from the Demonworld range, I think I should have bought the molds would probably been cheaper!

And what you see above is 6 separate units, each of 2 bases.  They are just placed together for the ease of photographing.

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