Monday, 6 January 2014


Hi All and Happy New Year....

So a look back at 2013, well not a lot of gaming but quite a lot of painting.....I did not realise how much until I added up my yearly total and well I was quite productive.  I must admit it is the one advantage of working overseas away from the family and needing to fill my lonely hours!

So the tally for 2013
15mm Infantry-965
15mm Cavalry-327
15mm Vehicles/Artillery etc-13
10mm Infatry-416

If only I could concentrate on one project at a time it would be very fruitful! lol

So looking at 2014 the painting train has already left the station and for some reason has begun with 15mm A Very British Civil War and a Bolt Action commission.
But what do I want to achieve this year, gaming wise?  
Playing more games would be good.  get some of those vast and lovely(well I think so) 15mm fantasy armies out on the table.
Painting wise? I have a new 15mm Mid Republican Roman Army, it will be my War and Empire figures from their very successful Kickstarter, this will be to oppose my Carthaginian Army.
Restart and repaint my 6mm Sci Fi armies, mainly GW Epic Imperial Guard and Dark Realms Pax Arcadian, not sure what rules to use yet but I do have the choice of NetEpic, Future War Commander or Hammer Slammers, we shall see.
And of course the unending and much loved 15mm fantasy.  I have a new tribe of Goblins to paint up, that's about 300 foot, 100 wolf riders and a few chariots....nice!
And I will, inevitably, be distracted by other 'shiny things' along the way.

But to one and all enjoy your gaming and painting year, I look forward to hearing from you.....

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