Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Very British Civil War British Union of Fascists (BUF)

The second faction I have started for AVBCW if the British Union of Fascists (BUF).  These are the of  disciples of Oswald Mosely and supporters of the King Edward and Mrs Simpson.

A light armored section sent over from the BUF's friends in Germany 4 Panzer 1s

 The standard Pz1 showing it's BUF colours.

 The Troop Commander

 And waste not want not......lost it's turret in action and has been adapted as a self propelled anti tank gun!

 Here the tank is equipped with 2pdr gun providing mobility to tank killing!

 BUF Big Wig in his Staff Car complete with a Hotckiss machine gun!

 A regular British Army tank regiment shows it's allegiance to the BUF cause.

 Many regular and territorial units chose sides when the conflict split the country.
Above are two Cruiser tanks.

 Two Matilda infantry support tanks.

 On to the BUF Militia, a squad from Exeter, not the Spanish style Fascist uniforms.

 A 2pdr gun deployed to add some bang!

 And Hotchkiss machine guns in the heavy and light role.

 BUF Stormtroopers!  

 These guys carry submachine guns.....light machine guns...

and lots of grenades!!

These are the hardcore fanatics are used to spearhead the assault.