Tuesday, 21 January 2014

15mm Fantasy Stygian Royal Army and Barbarians

Some fresh units for my fantasy collection, this time the Stygian Royal Army, these are the devil worshipers from the southern lands.
The army is vast with many races and creeds represented on the field but heart of any large Stygian force if the Royal Army.

 The core of their cavalry are armored lancers, heavy impact cavalry that can smash a lesser foe and they consider all non Stygian lesser beings!

 These figures are Xyston Achamid Persian Guard Cavalry

 The commanders, one for the foot and one for the horse.

 The wild men of the north....Barbarians!

 Show me your WAR FACE!!

 These are wild, naked men very vicious and very brutal!
They also like the colour blue.......

Again the great Xyston range, this time Gauls.  One thing I have learnt from these Barbarians, you have to repaint the eyes, they all look like the are closed when painted blue!

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