Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Very British Civil War (AVBCW) Anglican League

So a new project for 2014 for my gaming pleasure a small venture into the world of 1938 Britain were a civil war rages between many factions.

The first faction I have started with is the Anglican League.  Led by the Church of England Hierarchy spreading the word of God through out he ravaged lands. 

The first batch of armored support

 A section of Tankettes originally from the Soviet Union they have been pressed into service by the League.  No one is quite sure where they came from but they must be a gift from God!
This Matilda was picked up from a British Army Depot, with the addition of League symbols it is ready to spread the good word! 
 A Putalov Armoured car, it looks like someone has been buying up Spanish Civil War surplus.

Tankette section commander

 The first section of League infantry proudly displaying the flag of the Tiverton field force.  As you can see a very strong French influence to their uniform and equipment.

Here are the support weapons for the Senegalese Tralliers that have 'volunteered' from the French Army.  I have painted up a full platoon of these guys for WW2 Bolt Action, the standard bearer is just for AVBCW obviously!

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