Monday, 26 January 2015

League of Augsburg, Imperial Cavalry

Another unit added to my LOA collection.  These are brand new sculpts from the wonder that is Pendraken and their magical sculptor Clibinarium!  I really hope they do continue to build this range up.

Anyway this unit is from the Imperial Army of the Holy Roman Empire, they represent Regt Erbprinz von Bayreuth.  not quite sure how they will fit in with my other regiments but hay the are 'lobsterpot' cuirassier and I can't resist!

If anyone has a guide to the flags carried I would appreciate it.

Commision Work, FOW Soviet

The next lot out of the commissions box, a battery of Soviet 75mm Anti Tank Guns.  These models come with 'scenic' bases which are nice and a pain at the same time.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Commissin Work, FOW Soviets

I have added some more to Al's vast WW2 Soviet horde, he is an avid gamer and treasurer of my local club PAW.

He has given me another box of the Reds to do for him.

First up Katushas

I couldn't resist painting the central wheel nuts of the front wheels red.....after all they are in the shape of the star!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Punic Wars, the Roman Republic Army Velites

So the painting has begun and I start with the Roman light foot, Velites.

My Roman forces will consist of 4 legions, 2 Roman and 2 allied.  Each legion will consist of 2 small units of Triarii (FOG 2 bases each), 3 units of Hastati (FOG 4 bases each), 3 units of Principes (FOG 4 bases each), 1 unit of Velites (FOG 6 bases) and 1 unit of Cavalry(FOG 4 bases).. That gives each legion 164 foot and 12 mounted.

Velites base sprayed and ready for the brush.

Roman Velites, 'Red Shield Legion'

Roman Velites

Roman Velites, 'White Shield Legion'

Roman Velites

Allied Velites, 1st legion

Allied Velites

Allied Velites, 2nd legion

Out of interest the figures were base sprayed, as above, then block painted, given a coat of Army Painter 'Dark Tone', then based, flocked and given a coat of matt varnish spray. Simples!!

Next up the Hastati, all 192 of them....

Sword and Spear Debute (Yes I do game, sometimes!)

My club, Plymouth Association of Wargamers (PAW) have started playing the ancient rules, Sword and Spear and I must say I bough and read these and really like the look and concept of the game. My first outing was just before Christmas and I used my Alexandrian Macedonians.

This is not a game review or AAR but a chance to show the figures off the painting table and on the field of battle.  Just so yo know I played against the historical foe, the Persians and the game was a hard fought draw.

Battle Line

Macedonian Pike Phalanx with light foot escort.

The Phalanx

Thracians and slingers on the left wing

Mass cavalry on the right flank, Prodromi, Thessalian Heavies and Companions

War and Empire Comparison Shot

I have been asked to put up a comparison picture of War and Empires' new Roman against Xyston miniatures

The W&E figure is in the middle. On the left is a Xyston Celt and right is a Macedonian pike man.  they are close to the Celt than the Macedonian but would be visiably smaller than Xyston's Republican Roman Range.

For me, with historical armies I like to choose form on producer and try not to mix.  I love Xyston Minatures but I can say that the new West Wind Productions' War and Empire are lovely sculpts, paint very well and they have a vast range.  I am sure they will be a bi hit when they go on general sale.  I was lucky enough to be a pledge on their Kickstarter

Thursday, 15 January 2015


Happy New Year to you all, a little late but......

Well I have just got back to my workplace, a dark cellar in a very far off country and back to my painting helps keep me sane!

Projects for this year.....
10mm League of Augsburg
10mm ACW
15mm Punic Wars Romans
15mm British Expeditionary Force for All Quiet on the Martian Front
and may be a few commissions from PAW club members

Please do stick with the blog and comments are always welcome!

First on my table

A nice pile of Punic Wars Romans, just over 500 figures in all to represent 4 legions.  These are brand new sculpts from West Wind Productions, War & Empire.  I signed up for their kickstarter last year and received the figures just before Christmas.  The minis are absolutely great! The are crisp, detailed and look great painted.  I have started on the light foot but not finished the basing yet....I will post once done.