Monday, 19 January 2015

Sword and Spear Debute (Yes I do game, sometimes!)

My club, Plymouth Association of Wargamers (PAW) have started playing the ancient rules, Sword and Spear and I must say I bough and read these and really like the look and concept of the game. My first outing was just before Christmas and I used my Alexandrian Macedonians.

This is not a game review or AAR but a chance to show the figures off the painting table and on the field of battle.  Just so yo know I played against the historical foe, the Persians and the game was a hard fought draw.

Battle Line

Macedonian Pike Phalanx with light foot escort.

The Phalanx

Thracians and slingers on the left wing

Mass cavalry on the right flank, Prodromi, Thessalian Heavies and Companions


  1. Wow,these pikes are most impressive, great pictures!

  2. gosh, the figures/units look stunning ... love the pike block formations.

    1. forgot ask, what are the length of the wire pikes 60mm?

    2. Phil, yes I think they are 60mm