Monday, 19 January 2015

War and Empire Comparison Shot

I have been asked to put up a comparison picture of War and Empires' new Roman against Xyston miniatures

The W&E figure is in the middle. On the left is a Xyston Celt and right is a Macedonian pike man.  they are close to the Celt than the Macedonian but would be visiably smaller than Xyston's Republican Roman Range.

For me, with historical armies I like to choose form on producer and try not to mix.  I love Xyston Minatures but I can say that the new West Wind Productions' War and Empire are lovely sculpts, paint very well and they have a vast range.  I am sure they will be a bi hit when they go on general sale.  I was lucky enough to be a pledge on their Kickstarter


  1. True.
    I've already painted some of them. They are truly easy to paint. And their pikemen will be great too. No hand drilling. From now on, they're my number 1 choice.

  2. I look forward to seeing some Sebastien and I will definitely be using this range for new ancient armies

  3. Thanks very much for the comparison. Although slightly smaller, its not as bad as I initially feared.

    However ive been told the Xyston Republican Romans
    are bigger than even the rest of the Xyston range!

    Im looking forward to these being on general release!


  4. Yorkie, yes the Xyston Roman's are much bigger. I used to have a load of these figures and even used some as Numidian Roman trained 'legionaries' but the difference is obvious.So I sold them all