Monday, 19 January 2015

Punic Wars, the Roman Republic Army Velites

So the painting has begun and I start with the Roman light foot, Velites.

My Roman forces will consist of 4 legions, 2 Roman and 2 allied.  Each legion will consist of 2 small units of Triarii (FOG 2 bases each), 3 units of Hastati (FOG 4 bases each), 3 units of Principes (FOG 4 bases each), 1 unit of Velites (FOG 6 bases) and 1 unit of Cavalry(FOG 4 bases).. That gives each legion 164 foot and 12 mounted.

Velites base sprayed and ready for the brush.

Roman Velites, 'Red Shield Legion'

Roman Velites

Roman Velites, 'White Shield Legion'

Roman Velites

Allied Velites, 1st legion

Allied Velites

Allied Velites, 2nd legion

Out of interest the figures were base sprayed, as above, then block painted, given a coat of Army Painter 'Dark Tone', then based, flocked and given a coat of matt varnish spray. Simples!!

Next up the Hastati, all 192 of them....


  1. Nice job, the "Red shield legion" is my favourite, with the allied velites...

  2. Good job on those. I've finished some from the Death of Leonidas pack. Superb.

  3. Very nice, you have been busy!

  4. the figures look great thanks to your brush work..awesome!

  5. Thanls guys much appreciated.

    I am enjoying this army, although after a few hundred of them I may have had enough lol