Monday, 26 January 2015

League of Augsburg, Imperial Cavalry

Another unit added to my LOA collection.  These are brand new sculpts from the wonder that is Pendraken and their magical sculptor Clibinarium!  I really hope they do continue to build this range up.

Anyway this unit is from the Imperial Army of the Holy Roman Empire, they represent Regt Erbprinz von Bayreuth.  not quite sure how they will fit in with my other regiments but hay the are 'lobsterpot' cuirassier and I can't resist!

If anyone has a guide to the flags carried I would appreciate it.


  1. Lovely looking stuff Warren. big fan of Pendraken's newer sculpts, though I have a soft spot for their old ECW ones. Looking forward to seeing more of these and I'd certainly be interested in how you paint their cavalry figures if you've ever covered it?

  2. Hi There,

    thanks for the comments, if you follow the 10mm tbs you will see more LoA and ACW from Pendraken.

    My paining style is very simple.

    I use a coloured base spray, although I spray the cavalry Army Painter Uniform Grey. I then block paint all the details and the apply Army Painter Dark Tone dip, using a brush, never dipped. Once that is completely dry(I leave for 24hrs) I then give it a spray coat of matt varnish.

    As you can see I try and keep it simple!