Sunday, 11 February 2018

Battle of Raphia, the collection so far

Whilst I was at home in January I based up some of the painted figures on to the wonderful 'Big Red Bat' bases.  They bases have holes to place small magnets in, its a great system!
I also did some calculations and so far I have painted 858 foot, 157 mounted and 2 elephants.
Still to paint 384 foot, 42 mounted and 32 just over two thirds of the way there and enough ready to have a good game already!
The final total will be 1,242 foot, 199 mounted and 34 elephants!

Anyway here are the group Really Useful Boxes which are really useful!

 So above are three units of Egyptian Pike, each 48 strong.  There is still one more to do.

A close up of an Egyptian pike block.

Ptolomaic cavalry and elephants

 Ptolomaic foot, pike, heavy foot, thureophoroi, medium foot and skirmishers

Seleucid foot, pike, thureophoroi, thorakites, medium and skirmish

 A close up of the Seleucid foot

Seleucid cavalry and generals

This box contains painted figures that need to be rebased, I hate basing and rebasing almost makes me cry but the new basing system is much, much better!

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