Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Raphia Project Progress

So far in February I have been painting more for my Raphia project.
Whilst at home I bought some Seleucid elephants, 6 to be precise and I must admit they are lovely!

So here are the pictures.......

 First up four elephants, two for Ptolomy and two for Antiochus.  The Seleucid elephants, well all the elephants are lovely!  And I have finally got the hang of putting the hadows together, well just about!

 Above and below are the Ptolomy elephants.  I am putting two elephant models on a 80mm x 60mm base and they do look good!

 Seleucid elephants, nicely armoured and with a dedicated crew, I really do like them!

 The penultimate unit of heavy cavalry lance for the Seleucids.

 Plain and simple, Arab bow....

 A second unit of Basilikon Agemata pike.  These are the 'foot guards' of the Ptolomy army.

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