Wednesday, 14 February 2018

New Project for 2019..

Ok I know 2019 is a long way off but West Wind Productions, War and Empire have recently released their third Kickstarter, Dark Ages.  The miniatures are fantastic.  I supported their first two kickstarters and bought Punic Wars Roman and Sassanid Persians and they did not disappoint!  So when the third one announced I signed up.......

The kickstarter was funded in hours and I missed out on the "Early Bird" special but that did not put me off. So i signed up for the Emperor bid and have already worked out my order, yes keen I know.

So I have opted for three armies Norman, Anglo-Saxon and Viking plus an Anglo-Saxon village of 5 buildings.....this little project amounts to 80 horse, 800 foot and the village all for the princely sum of $264 (it is Pounds Sterling not Dollars but I'm using my work laptop which is from the US lol) 

Check out their Kickstarter and their range of figures, you will not be disappointed.

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