Wednesday, 10 January 2018

End of Rotation Rapha Batch

Here are are last few units for the Raphia project.  Now some of these still look a little shiney this is because I run out of Army Painter Dull Coat and had to use some Windsor and Newton Matt varnish, which obviously is not that matt! lol
Once I have based these guys I will respray them with AP matt varnish.

Hopefully my next posts will show some of the troops based up.

Seleucid Arab Bow, one and a half bases here., so now I have three bases painted up and one more to do.

These are Xyston Maccabean Jew figures

Ptolomy Guard Agema, known as Basilikon.  There are three units of these and I have used Macedonian Hypaspists figures. 

The 'casualty' figure is a broken model that I need to make up the numbers.

Selecuid Pike Phalanx, a mixture of armoured and unarmoured figures.

Tarentine Light Horse with shields, not sure how accurate but I do like the way they look!

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