Sunday, 7 January 2018

Battle of Raphia....The First Batch for 2018

The first batch of painted figures of 2018, the year I will finish this project, honest lol

The first Seleucid phalanx of the year.
 The figures I have used for this phalanx are from the eastern edge of the empire and most are wearing trousers and have long sleeves.  There was no real reason for this other than those were the figures I bought lol  But I do like them.

Seleucid Hetairoi, heavy horse lance.  There are quite a few of these.

A second Ptolomy Elephant which means I can make up an elephant base to see how they will look two too a base.  I'm guessing awesome lol

I have ordered more bases from the Big Red Bat shop,

So I will basing up a large painted mountain when I am home later this month.  I will post pictures.

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