Sunday, 23 November 2014

Macedonians Continue.....

Some more units for the growing Macedonian army and also some additions that can be used to expand from the Persian Wars to the Successor period.

 First unit are the Hypaspists, these are based as Medium Foot Offensive Spear, for FOG they are the elite foot of the Alexandrian Army.  I also have the figures to do a battlegroup of Heavy Foot as well.
The staple of any Macedonian or Successor army the pike block phalanx.  This is the forth phalanx block i have done

 Cretan/Macedonian bow

 Greek bow

 Greek mercenary Thureophoroi, these are the heavy foot offensive spear (under FOG)
 These are the medium foot version.
It is thought the Greeks developed this troop type after fighting the Romans

Finally the 'wild bunch', mounted and foot Galatians.  These were used as allies or mercenaries for many Successor armies


  1. These are great as well!
    amazing painting and flocking of bases...awesome!

  2. Thanks Phil, they are great minis.

    The basing is the bit i like the least....just sand paint and flock!