Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Greek/Macedonian Army

 Ok to face all of those Persians we need the Macedonians or Greeks or both.
Again I have the starting of the army at home and these newly painted units add to them.
The first unit is the elite cavalry arm, the Companions.

Thessalonian Heavy Cavalry
 Greek allies or mercenary cavalry to look after the other flank.

Spartan Hoplites
 These can be used as they are or as allies/mercenaries.  I will be adding the shield decals once I get home, I forgot to bring them!

Spartan Hoplites

Two more battlegroups of Spartans, this bring me a total of 22 elements which will make me 3 battlegroups.

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  1. I enjoy painting Xyston miniatures as much as you do, awesome brush work!... my favorite are your Thessalonian Heavy Cavalry