Monday, 10 November 2014

Ancient Persian Additions

Guard Lancers
 Ok a group of pictures that show I have been busy painting whilst away.  
Above is a battle group of Guard Lancers which is a specific option under the FOG lists.

Persian Cavalry
 Persian Cavalry was a very large part of the time, I have full FOG complement of 10 battlegroups plus the optional Guard units
Persian Light Horse
 Swarms of Persian light horse would fill the field of battle sowing chaos amongst the enemy. 
Satrap Commanders
 Satraps and mercenary Greeks led the armies of Darius

Mixed Battlegroup
 The Persian Guard by this time had become smaller and added medium foot bow to their ranks.

Scythe Chariot
The 'fire and forget' weapon of the Persian Army......I have 3 and need 1 more to make up the two battle groups you can field.  They are nasty IF they can get in!


  1. look extremely nice, what a lovely colorful army. (i've been painting moderns of late and forgot purple exsisted)
    Were you aware that you can get 12 28mm Persian Infantry for 2.40 usd on wargames factory?

  2. Ive seen them and like the models but I do not game/collect anything bigger than 15mm I like the scale and the larger armies you can deploy.

    10mm is even better for some periods....

  3. I completely understand. I do most of my stuff in 15's aswell. with exceptions for Ancients a 10mm, and PIke and Shotte Imagi-Nations at 6mm. I can't say why, but when i saw these pictures i immediately went wow look at that colorful 25mm persian army. Seems foolish of me now.

  4. Not foolish at all mate, in a complement. Thank you