Tuesday, 14 October 2014

More Persian Cavalry

Persian Cavalry

Persian Light Horse

These are the last two complete mounted untis of my Persian army.  There are only a couple of stands to do and this project will be finished.
I have already started to add more figures to their opponents the Greeks and Macidonians.


  1. Very nice once again and the pictures blow up this time :-) Is that a drybrush over a black undercoat you use? In which case how do you get the colours to be so vibrant (e.g. yellows, reds and purples) and precise? The work around some of that headwear looks spot on. Lovely bases too.

  2. Thanks, yes it is all dry brush over black. I use thinish coats and build it up. The precision is done using different size brushes and lots of practice! lol