Saturday, 14 May 2011

FOW Soviets

Ok more of the Red Tide........First off is a Commissar Team, these are QRF? Would someone let me know.

The first batch of painted Plastic Soldier Company, a group of 25. AS you can see they paint up as well as their metal comrades and in the next picture you will see that they are quite close in height and stature. They should mix quite well. My only concern with these figures is there lack of variation, the same basic poses are used twice, just different head gear. That is why I am keen for them to blend with the QRF.
The comparison,
Left to right
QRF, Battelfront Plastic Soldier Company
I should be ok.
In most 'historical' armies I generally only like to use one manufacturer's figures. But with these the PSC where an impulse buy at PAW2011 and the QRF were a steal on EBay. Hopefully the gamble will pay off.

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