Saturday, 7 May 2011

FOW Soviets

Ok, finally get to paint some of my own collection! I have got the FOW bug and have chosen Soviets. I wanted to do Germans but there are already at least 2 German armies at the club.

This is the first Soviet platoon that I have painted and they are Battlefront miniatures. They were very nice to paint and I am doing them in a way which should make the army quite quick.

If you look at the pictures you will see I have gone away from my usual drybrush painting method and adopted a block style with a wash.

I wanted the Soviets to look quite dark and dirty, I think I achieved that a little too well on this platoon!

The basic method was an undercoat spray of FOW German Armour, which is a yellow ochre colour. Then I just painted the figure's details, webbing, weapons flesh and helmet etc.
The whole lot was then given a wash of Games Workshop Delvin Mud which brings out the creases and gives them some depth.

For this army I have somehow managed to get a mix of three different manufacturers Battlefront, QRF and The Plastic Soldier company.
I will do a comparison shot once I have painted examples of all three.

Comments welcome.........

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