Monday, 2 May 2011

Dystopian Wars

Finally some of my own Dystopian Wars fleet..............the first of the Prussian Empire to be photographed. Here we have the freshly painted Zeppelin and the carrier top that goes with it

When I first bought these models I thought that they would be quite difficult to paint but they were surprisingly easy. As with most of my painting projects these were simply drybrushed.

Both parts were sprayed black and then various shades of grey for the zeppelin until the desired effect is achieved. Then it is simply a case of picking out the details, such as the weapon nodules, engines and national colours on the tail fin.

The carrier top was equally easy with a drybrush of the decking and superstructure in appropriate colours and then picking out the airplanes and weapons. I must admit I do like the results, even if I do say so myself!!

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