Saturday, 14 May 2011

15mm Black Orcs

Black Orcs

Ok as some of you will know and as I say on this blog my long time love is 15mm Fantasy Mass Battle!. So why has it taken so long for me to paint any..........well I did do some Dwarves last year (I will put pictures up).

So here is the start of my 2011 offering to the hordes of fantasy. These are Blood Dawn Orcs, sold in the UK by Magister Militum.

These miniatures are on the larger side of 15mm, more like 18mm and very chucky but I think that adds to the appeal. They just said 'Black Orc' to me so that is how I will represent them.

These guys will actually be getting an outing in a couple of weeks. they will be taking on Al's Undead in a 'Black Magic' game. This is a new thing for us and is simply a few additions to Warlord's Black Powder. It is free on the Yahoo Group and looks good fun.

What we are really aiming for is using Warlord's, well Rick Priestly's Hail Caesar ancient rules that have just come out. The same guy who wrote the Black Magic additions has started on Hail Caesar so hopefully it will not be long and finally my vast fantasy armies will be dusted off and the field of battle once more!

There will be pictures of the armies involved and the battle itself.


  1. Well done. I also love 15mm mass fantasy, and have a blog for it as well. I also love 15mm mass scifi and have a blog for that.
    Great work, and what rules do you use.


  2. Thanks Noel, nice to see a fellow 15mm fantasy fan!

    What is your blog called?

    And what are your rules of choice. As I said I am trying out 'Black Magic' but obviously hail Caesar will be better suited. I'm home now and am readying through the rules, so far looks quite good because of the flexibility.


  3. Nice work mate! What size bases are they on?