Sunday, 24 December 2017

Raphia Project Update

The first batch of this rotations painting.  I do not plan what i will paint and when I just use a 'lucky dip' method.  Everything for the project goes in a box, in unit bags, and I choose a bag blind and paint what ends up in my hand.

First up was a batch of Selecuid mounted generals, these 7 figures will make 3 command bases.

These guys are Hellenistic Thracians equipped with thearos and long spear.
 I will be using these to represent the Selecuid Thorakitai.  I know they should have chainmail armour but Xyston do  not make that figure yet.  So until they do these guys will do.

The first of many elephants, this is for the Ptolomy army as it is an African elephant.
 This model is actually a Carthaginian elephant, from Xyston as usual, which I picked up in the North Star Xyston sell off.  All I have done is replace the hadow crew with more suitable figures.
I thought I needed 7 Ptolomy elephants and I manged to buy 6 in the sale, however it was pointed out to me that an elephant base is standard 80mm frontage and I could have two elephants per base. So me being me I know need 14 Ptolomy elephants and 20 Seleucid, who could resist the sight of 34 elephants on wargame's table :-)

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