Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Raphia-The Numbers

So I did a little number crunching on how many figures my Raphia project will end up swallowing.
This was prompted by a large order I sent to North Star Military Figures as they had a great sale on Xyston figures, thanks Neil.

So the numbers....

21 Mounted Command
10 Foot Command
10 Elephants
64 Horse
594 Foot

17 Mounted Command
10 Foot Command
7 Elephants
52 Horse
648 Foot

All in 15mm Xyston metal......now that is a small project to be getting on with.
Over the past 3 weeks I have painted 160 foot and 14 horse to add to the painted forces I have at home.
Although I am basing the figures once home I am not doing the sanding/flocking until they are all ready, oh I HATE basing!!

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