Tuesday, 26 December 2017

XMas Raphia Update

So working away over Christmas, missing the family but got plenty of time to continue to paint my Raphia project.
Seleucid reinforcements in this batch.

Seleucid Generals and standard bearers.

Seleucid pikemen, one of 9 pike units in the Seleucid army.

Heavy Cavalry with lance, the strike force of the army.

A second unit of Hessallenic Thracians acting as the Thorakitai.
 I do like these figures.

The first unit of Arab javelinmen.  The figures are actually Xystom Maccabean foot but they fit in very well

The painting continues and by years end I will total up what I have painted for the project so far.


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    1. Thanks A.P.
      I'm looking forward to basing them and getting them on the table.