Monday, 5 October 2015

League of Augsburg, Alliance Troops

 First up is an English regiment, The Earl of Bath's Foote.  I chose this regiment as unlike most English foot they worn blue coats not red, I also used heavy pikemen, not sure if that is historical but I like the figure!

 My second English regiment, The Earl of Oxford's Horse.  This regiment was the only one in the English army equipped with cuirassier.  The history of the regiment is a little vague as to whether they ever wore the plates in battle but again I like the figures so they get a outing! Also they wore blue coats as opposed to the usual red.

The final alliance regiment in this batch is the Dutch Brancdenburg Regiment.  I believe they were recruited form the Dutch/German border and the illustartions I have seen give them an off-white or light grey coat.

To finish off the allies I have 1 more Dutch and 2 more English foot regiments plus 3 or 4 horse regiments.  That will give me 12 foot an 9 horse.

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  1. lovely brush work on the figures and flocking of bases - marvelous!