Monday, 12 October 2015

Kings of War

A couple of weeks ago I finally got to play with some toy soldiers!  Yes I actually played a game (at PAW).  Clive,(Dwarves) and I (Uruk Hai) played our first game of Kings of War, using their newly released 2nd edition.  
But being me I had to do it slightly differently so I used my 15mm fantasy armies.

It was a 4000pt, 2000pts each side, meeting engagement, the victor being the one who broke the others army by inflicting more than 50% casualties.

For our first game we missed a couple of rules and obviously made mistakes but we had a really enjoyable game played to completion in about 3 hours.

We will be playing again. 

Now for the pictures....

The battle lines, Dwarves on the left and Uruk Hai on the right.

 The centers close.

Large Dwarf Warmachine.

The center, although the Dwarves do look to have the upper hand in numbers....

The Uruk Hai left flank, two regiments of Warg riders with a giant ready to run down the Dwarf Berserkers and storm the village.

Heavy Dwarf plate advance...

Close up of the left Uruk Hai left wing.

Warg Riders!

Uruk Hai warbands, 3 regiments and a troop of archers.

Uruk Hai pike regiment.

Uruk Hai pike and giant clash with Dwarf Shieldbreakers and Warmachine. 

The Dwarf army are Demonworld figures, they are great! The Uruk Hai are Eureka, sold in the UK by Fighting15 and the giants are GW LotR Trolls, they are a perfect size fit for 15mm figures.


  1. Really want to try kings of war in 15mm it feels like thats how it should be played. Great photo's and love the mini's. Demon world is the way I would go for most of the races. although Magister Militum are nice with 15mm HOTT having some good options.

  2. Richard, there are some great companies out there. Demonworld are great and have a huge range, make good Orcs, Goblins and Lizardmen, Khurisan make some lively Orcs. Eureka, lovely, Blood Dawn very good and now Alien Dungeon are just about to launch a kickstarter for 15mm fantasy, that could be a good way in....good luck and enjoy