Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Kyreanne Greek Commission

Well I have completed the ancient Kyreane Greek commission for one of the guys at the club.  I really enjoyed painting these Xyston figures.  I do love Xyston, they are fantastic sculpts and take the pigment very nicely......I don't even mind having to drill the hands for spears and glue on the shields, the final results are worth it.
In my humble opinion they are the best 15/18mm ancients on the market (although I do really like War and Empire by West Wind).

The final batch...the observant amongst you will see a lot of white shields and no basing?  I ran out of Little Big Man decals and decided to finish the basing once I was home.

One unit of Lancers, these are the only cavalry in the army.

A 12 element unit of  pike, this is a very big unit for a FOG A army.

The Generals, a CnC and 2 Sub Generals

Light Foot Javelin, one three light foot units covering bows and slings also.

The main bulk of the army, hoplites, hundreds of them!  I must admit they do look very impressive when fully deployed.