Wednesday, 13 August 2014


I have been off the blog for a while but I am back.....I have however been painting and started yet another new project 10mm League of Augsburg armies both Alliance and French.  I am using the fantastic Pendraken figures and basing them for FOGR, but they will be usable with other rule sets.

Here some examples of the infantry regiments.....the painting is complete but I need to give them a spray coat of matt vanish to dull the overall effect.

1. Dutch Gard de Voet, Alliance

2. Garde Suisse, in French service

3. Regt Greeber, the German regiment of that name, in French service.

As I am doing both sides I alternate between the two.  The variety of uniforms is great and they figures are a joy to paint.  So far I have 4 foot and 2 horse for each side plus 2 dismounted dragoon regiments for the French.

I am aim for about a dozen foot and nine mounted regiments for each army. So a long way to go!

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