Tuesday, 19 August 2014

!5mm Fantasy

These are older models, ones that i painted quite a few years ago but have never been under the lens.  The form part, of probably, my favorite fantasy army Chaos.

First up are the Dragon Ogres, two units, move as cavalry but can fight as infantry a very strong component.  The figures are GW Warmaster.

Chaos Familiars, no special ability but transformed followers of the chaos powers, but the variety does look good!
The figures are older GW Familiars.

Plague Bearers, these troops are capable of ranged attack using a poisoned dart/spray with they spit out of their mouth.  Meeting these in close combat can also be bad for your health as any bite is sure to get infected!
GW figures again, I do love getting these cheap and re-purposing them!

And finally, War Hounds.  Not strictly kept for the Chaos armies and not that effective on the field but can harass very well.
These are Warmaster figures.

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