Tuesday, 26 February 2013

French 'Dutch' Red Lancers

Ok the mountain of Al's unpainted Napoleonic lead is growing small and this is one of the last full French units.

Some cavalry for his Guard in the shape of the 'Red' lancers.  I don't know who made them but they come open handed so I used some 30mm spears to make the lances.

These also show the new style, that I am using for Al's figures, of using Army Painter Dark Tone, basically I can not find GW Babad Black wash and their new one is not as good, oh and I have said I am never buying 'new' GW stuff again after their latest 'trade mark' farce!

The difference is the colours show up better and you still get some 'shading' when you look closely.

Guard 'Red' Lancers

Sorry about the picture quality I am using my IPhone.

Seven Year War

Ok a group of us at PAW and our Exmouth brothers are going to do a series of games in the Seven Year War period using Sam Mustapha's Maurice rules.  Now a couple of guys already have armies representing some of the combatants, the major armies Britain, France, Prussia.

I have chosen The Reichsarmee, a collection of small German states that have allied themselves with the Holy Roman Empire or Austria.

They wear a mix of Prussian and Austrian style uniforms and will make a great contingent on the table.

So my first unit is the Ansbach Dragoons, part of the Franconian forces.

Ansbach Dragoon Regiment

The paint job was fairly quick and easy on these, although I am happy with the result.

I sprayed them white, then did the horses and horse furniture followed by the rider.  Once dry they are given a wash of Army Painter Dark Tone.

Friday, 22 February 2013

10mm ACW WIP

Here are some pictures of my first ACW 10mm.  They are Pendraken minis are great to paint.
They are obviously a WIP as I have no basing materials here in Kabul.

The figures themselves are really lovely sculpts and paint up very well.  I have not gone made on the paint detail, I don't think it is necessary.

They were sprayed Army Painter Army Grey, then dry brushed with a light grey all over.  Details were picked out in various colours bringing out hats, blanket rolls, straps and pouches.  Weapons were painted and chestnut brown and gunmetal silver, flesh is GW Dwarf Flesh, not for any other reason than that is what I have.

Once dry the models were covered with Army Painted Dark Tone wash.  The wash was applied with a large brush.  I think the wash really brings out the detail and overall produces a good look for not a lot of effort.

I can paint a unit of 24 figures in about 3 hours, not including base spray and wash, which I normally do the day before and the day after painting, respectively.
Painted but not washed, looking flat with just block paint work

First unit finished

Second unit

Close up, see how the wash brings out the detail

Close up under a different light, see that the wash does not make them look dirty.
 Once the figures have been based the bases will be sprayed with a matt varnish to seal them and reduce the shine.

More pictures to come once completed, I have also done another two units since these were finished, so 4 down probably another 12 to do!

More Napoleonic

Just a selection of finished Napoleonic troops for my friend Al.  They were actually painted at the end of last year but I finally based them in December.
The plastic boxes of metal that Al presented me with some time ago has nearly run out but not quite, there is more to come.  There will be a few more French and some British to come.

Saxon Generals

French/Alley limbers

Chasseurs of the Guard

Line Infantry

Generic bases of French Line and Light Infantry

A second view of the generic French infantry

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

FOW Hungarian Artillery

Hungarian artillery box set for a friend at PAW, these are the finished articles, the WIP are in 2012s list of figures.
The guns were easy to paint, Army Painter Russian Green, pick put the details and a wash of GW Black wash.
The bases were then made up, flocked and sprayed with a matt varnish. 
All done!!

Now for the eye candy...

2013...February already!!

Hi All,

Sorry for the delay but Happy New Year!

And three quarters of the way through February already!!

Obviously I was at home for most of January and I always find it hard to update my blog then...

But I away at work once more and the painting machine has started again.

So what will 2013 bring me, wargames wise.....well PAW13, my clubs open weekend was a great success not just for me, I made nearly £1,000 from the Bring and Buy but also for the club, the numbers and takings were up.

A big thank you to all the guys who made it happen!

Gaming project wise.....

15mm Fantasy, I will make a big effort to paint more an game more in this my favorite period.

15mm Ancients, my Spanish are nearly all done, although it is meant to be part of a larger Carthaginian Army I will be making it large enough to be an army in it's own right, as my Numidian Army is.

15mm Seven Years War, this will be a reasonably small army, by my standards as it will be pat of a group project to play Maurice rules.  it will be The Reichsarmee.

10mm ACW, I have made a start on these using Pendraken figures and I am really enjoying painting them.  This will be a medium size project or so it is planned so far may be 15-20 units of 3 bases each, 8 figures per base, well that's the Confederates any way.

Then I have my commissions, still doing 15mm Napoleonic and the odd medieval base for a couple of guys at the club.

Thanks for reading and I will try and post more often....